What Can you Learn from a Voice Director?

December 17, 2014 by: Colleen

The Voice over Industry through the Eyes and Ears of a Booth Director

everett blog picWe thought it would be fun for you to see an interview that one of our weekly Workout guest listeners had done. It is cool to get insight on his background and what he expects from talent when they come into the booth to read for an audition. As you are watching the interview if you think to yourself, “ I wish I could be in the booth and get guidance on my read from Everett”. Wishes can come true!

Everett will be out Weekly Workout guest listener the first week in February. You think that is a long time to wait? Oh No, as we all know time flies plus we have an incredible line up of fabulous guest listeners scheduled for 2015. Next week we will give you a sneak peek at what you can look forward to.


Till Then Enjoy this Great Interview:

AVO Talent Booth Director Everett Arthur Oliver – Promo

AVO Talent Booth Director Everett Arthur Oliver – Interview part 1

AVO Talent Booth Director Everett Arthur Oliver – Interview part 2


Can anyone tell us why green apples are in the interview and how that tasty fruit can help your voiceover read?


Everett Oliver BIO:


As a 15-year veteran of animation production, Everett’s focal points have been in the areas of: Voice-Over Casting, Animation, and Film Production. As an Independent Producer, He has recently joined an internet radio station as a radio announcer.


As a Casting Associate, his international network consists of both agents and talent within North America, Canada, Europe and Australia. With expertise in the casting administrative process, he has been able to verify that every step is well-executed.


As a Production Associate, his North American network consists of Executives, Producers, Business/ Legal Affairs departments. In addition, his network also includes recording studios at Walt Disney Television, Columbia TriStar Television and Starz Media. As a result, Everett has been able to facilitate the production of several Direct to Video, Daytime and Primetime animated series including the Emmy Award winning shows: The Simpsons and King of the Hill.


Want to check out one of the hosts of the VO Buzz Weekly show  Stacey J. Aswad ?

You can listen to her demo reels on the AVO roster in our Voicebank.net Demo & Client Section.


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  1. dustin says:

    gets rid of dry mouth and the noise that comes along with it.

  2. dustin says:

    also, great intv. wheee!

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