voiceregistry’s Online Weekend Workout Guest Agent – Nick Carreras

March 23, 2012 by: Colleen

Read for Talent Agent Nick Carreras from Imperium 7 Talent Agency

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Bio :Nick Carreras received his bachelor of the arts at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. He then earned his JD with a concentration in Entertainment law at Whittier Law School. After law school Nick began working for Imperium-7 talent agency in their voice over department and after working as both an assistant and booth director Nick was promoted to agent. In his years as an agent Nick has booked large scale campaign deals and worked with industry leading ad agencies as well as most animation studios in Los Angeles. Nick has run countless voice over sessions and taught beginner voice over classes to students of all ages.

Further develop your voice over auditioning technique through practice.
Receive constructive critiques of your practice audition
Learn from others by listening to their takes and reading any suggestions given by the Guest Director
Increase your exposure to Talent Agents and Casting Directors.

Note: Platinum members attending the faffcon event this weekend you may participate in this workout along with the faffcon workout live . 


2 Responses to “voiceregistry’s Online Weekend Workout Guest Agent – Nick Carreras”
  1. Sandra Dyson says:

    How do you get started in voice over?. Where does one start?

  2. Colleen says:

    Every time I have heard a talent agent asked that question the answer back is “take classes”.
    There are lot of good VO coaches and like any business not so much. On Voicebank.net in the demo and client section there is a category box. Scroll to Teachers and Training. Check out who is listed in your area or that do online/skype classes. Then do your do diligence and research to find what would be a good “fit” for you.

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