Voiceregistry Workout-Read for Keegan Monti-Kewley from Abrams Artist NY

August 11, 2017 by: Colleen

Guest Listener Keegan Monti-Kewley – Abrams Artist NY

This Workout will Post on voiceregistry Monday August 14th 2017 at 12 noon pst

abramsAbout Abrams Artists Agency

Driven by a deep respect and passion for talent and their artistry, Harry Abrams established Abrams Artists Agency in 1977. Since our inception, we have developed and maintained a reputation as one of the nation’s most respected and diversified talent and literary agencies.

With offices in Los Angeles and New York, we pride ourselves on remaining a strong independent agency that gives each client personalized attention. We bring a familial, yet managerial perspective to representation that upholds our belief that our clients are the most important part of our business.

That same drive remains today and the result has been four decades of being nimble, bold and innovative. Abrams Artists Agency continues to thrive, offering our clients a ‘360 degree’ approach with a seamless cross-departmental synergy from one coast to the other.


About Keegan:

Keegan Monti-Kewley has been a Booth Director at Abrams Artist NY for over 7 years and counting.

The agents at Abrams depend on Keegan to give amazing direction to their actors ALL day long at Abrams………Great Direction equals a Great Audition!


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  1. Always look forward to the Weekly Work out. It’s a great way t listen to how other Voice Actors interpret the same script that you read.

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