voiceregistry Workout – Read for Casting Director Gayle McFarlane, Owner of Madison Ave. Casting Services

May 22, 2015 by: Colleen

Read for Casting Director, Gayle McFarlane Owner of Madison Ave. Casting Services

This Workout will Post on voiceregistry Monday May 25th at 12 noon pst

madison ave.


About Madison Ave. Casting:

The Voice Whisperer

Madison Ave Casting & Services is a full service voice casting company offering union and non union voice casting.We cast voices for all mediums quickly and efficiently.



About Gayle:

Toronto based Owner/Casting Director, Gayle McFarlane has over 15 years experience in the film/ television/radio/ advertising industries.

Gayle has worked with some of the most highly regarded ad agencies, production companies, music houses, producers and talent agents in

Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, New York, L.A. and the U.K. Gayle has cast the voice talent for many top national and international brands along with many other projects that require unique and qualified voices. Gayle is a member of the Casting Directors Society of Canada.

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