Voiceregistry Workout Guest Listener Mason Thurman – AWA, Atlanta

October 10, 2016 by: Colleen

Read for Talent Agent Mason Thurman – AWA, Atlanta

This Workout will Post on voiceregistry Monday October 10th , 2016 at 12 noon pst

awaAbout the Agency:
AWA is a boutique talent agency based in Atlanta, GA committed to the growth and success of our artists. Alexander White founded the company in 2013 after successfully working in and opening branch offices for a top agency in the southeast. Paul White also joins AWA as CFO. He formerly served as CEO of Suntrust Investment Bank and was the Senior Managing Director at Barclay’s Bank of a billion dollar global financial services group.

mason thurmanAbout Mason:
Mason joined AWA early in 2015 after receiving his degree in Marketing from the University of Tennessee. Mason heads the Voice-Over and Commercial department at Alexander White Agency. With nearly a decade of experience in the entertainment industry, he has developed an eye and an ear for talent. With a background in Advertising, he understands what clients want and expect – and helps his artists deliver.

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One Response to “Voiceregistry Workout Guest Listener Mason Thurman – AWA, Atlanta”
  1. JE Burton says:


    This message is for Mason of AWA.

    My name is JE Burton, brand new participant in the weekly workout by Voice Registry.

    How are you?

    First, thank you for listening to us. It’s a lot of work listening to auditions with a discerning ear.
    I have a concern. You see, I submitted the initial October 10 read on the 11th and immediately sent one to and received feedback from my VO coach advising a redo so I did. Then I submitted that on the 13th in the morning.

    Since the deadline was on Thursday the 14th I resubmitted on Wednesday at 9a PST feedback on faith that the redo would replace the original by the deadline.

    I resubmitted a superior read without knowledge the first was already reviewed. When i resubmitted I humbly requested that the new replace the old.

    I learned from the uploader that my initial was reviewed only After my re-submission.

    So my wish on my resubmit that day was that it be given to you that you might review the revision which effectively annulled the first.

    Again I found my first to be Inferior without knowledge it was reviewed so I redid it.
    Mason’s review for the revision would be much appreciated because I made changes believing I had until noon Thursday to submit the final.

    I am very, very new to this weekly workout process and would rather hear feedback for the new submission which I’ve been waiting for since October 14th. Not the first one, which is an anathema. :)

    If you cannot I understand. That said, I have been expecting the new one to be reviewed and feedback posted for the new. Please let me know. I’d greatly appreciate your doing so!

    Thank you Mason.

    JE Burton

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