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July 26, 2017 by: Colleen

Read for Talent Agent & Owner Julia Irzyk

The Library Agency

This Workout will be posted July 31st 2017 at 12 noon.


juliairzykAbout Owner/Agent Julia Irzyk

Julia Irzyk is a Los Angeles based commercial agent and attorney. A Texan, she moved out to Los Angeles in 2002.

She worked at Elev8 Talent Agency from May 2013-April 2017. Prior to her work as an agent, Julia worked for 6 years for a dozen different commercial casting offices in Los Angeles as a session runner and associate.

A graduate of Georgetown University Law Center (J.D. 2002), Julia co-authors a disability law treatise “Disabilities and the Law (4th Edition)” published by Thomson Reuters West, for which she releases new updates every six months. Julia’s specialties are special education law and disability discrimination in employment. She also does pro bono special education advocacy work.

Julia and her husband, Bryan, an actor and comedian, have been married since January 2012, although they celebrate their anniversary as their first date in August 2005. They have a cat named Disney, who does tricks.

Julia is an enthusiastic fan of the Texas Longhorns and the Green Bay Packers. Do not call or text during (or within the hour following) either team’s games. You will regret it.

Julia neither drinks alcohol nor coffee, and is allergic to almost all fruit. She is very difficult to get gifts for. If you are thinking about getting her a birthday (she’s turning 40 in September!) or holiday gift, instead, send her a card that tells her what you are going to spend that gift money on in furtherance of your career: headshots, classes, slate shots, postcards, a new reel, whatever. Or post some cute animal videos on her facebook page. Both are guaranteed to make her smile.


A New Way Of Representing Talent

 Our goal is to work with dedicated actors 18+ to build their careers. We don’t just want to be your agent. We want to be your teammate! By focusing on those things that casting directors most look for in actors, we can help make dreams become realities.

Instead of approaching representation from an agent or an actor’s point of view, we approach it from a casting director’s point of view. What do they see on first glance? How can we make them want to see more?

We represent a very diverse group of actors 18+ for commercials, television, film, print, voice over, web, and much more.


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