Voiceregistry Weekly Workout-Read for Talent Agent Lynda McCarrell, owner of McCarrell & Associates

August 19, 2016 by: Colleen

Read for Talent Agent Lynda McCarrell, owner of McCarrell & Associates

This WORKOUT will post on Monday August  22nd , 2016 at 12 noon pst

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Lynda McCarrell, owner of McCarrell & Associates, has been guiding Voice Over careers for over 23 years. Her strong background in theater and academia, and her work with some of the top agencies in the Voice Industry, have enabled her to nurture the creative spirit of her clients. With one of LA’s most talented rosters, and in Partnership with Groundcrew Studios in the East, McCarrell & Associates under the guidance of Lynda McCarrell has elevated the game of Voice Over.


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About Groundcrew Recording Studios

Since opening their doors in 1992, Groundcrew Studios has become not just a recording studio, but a creative center for elevating commercial audio to its highest level. Which means they not only know what to do, but what not to do. They start by understanding what the client needs. Groundcrew provides the voice talent, music, effects and technical expertise with which to craft the client’s message. In a perfectly engineered space, they capture every nuance. They marry sound to video with remarkable finesse in post-production. Plus often act as co-producers for their clients. And, most important, make certain that nothing gets in the way of the story.

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