Voiceregistry Weekly Workout – Read for Talent Agent, Co-Owner & President of TGMD Talent Vanessa Gilbert

November 28, 2016 by: Colleen

Read for Vanessa Gilbert
Talent Agent, Co-Owner & President of TGMD Talent

This Workout will post on Monday Nov.28th,2016 at 12 noon pst

vanessa gilbertAbout Vanessa:

Born in Los Angeles, Vanessa Gilbert grew up around show business. After attending Agoura High, Vanessa left home and traveled throughout Europe, spending time in England during the height of Glam Rock in the seventies. Among many adventures, she met and formed a lifelong friendship with Led Zepplin lead singer, Robert Plant. In 1977, Vanessa returned to California and attended Sawyer Business, College, shifting from a rock and roll lifestyle to number crunching and business theory. Introduced into the voiceover business by the legendary Don Pitts, Vanessa started as an assistant at the prestigious talent agency Abrams Rubaloff.

Vanessa joined up with Bob Lloyd, The Voicecasters, in 1980 where she was exposed to the bigger picture of the casting process and acquired a thorough knowledge of actors, commercial houses and studios throughout Los Angeles, She became known for her “ear” and an ability to draw out superior performances from her actors. From 1981 to 1988, Vanessa was tapped as the head of the voice over department at Talent Group, added strategy and talent management to her resume.

The years between 1988 to 1991, saw Vanessa as founder and head of ACES (American Creative Entertainment Services). Her client roster included Michael J. Stull and Christopher Cary.

In 1991, Vanessa joined forced with Steve Tisherman, where she developed promo and trailer talent just as that aspect of movie marketing was blooming into the multi-million dollar business it is today. They worked closely together, building a stellar roster and cultivating the premiere voices in the industry.

In 2005, Vanessa and her partners, launched TGMD Talent Agency (previously The Tisherman Agency) of which she is co-owner and President.

“Voiceover moves quickly, its purest form of the art, the purest form of acting. You have the harness your heart and your brain and channel it through your voice, reducing big concepts down to their emotional essence. I love the process.”

TGMDAbout the Agency:

TGMD Talent combines the vision and energy of four top agents: Vanessa Gilbert, Kevin Motley, and Steve Tisherman.

With their combined savvy and years of teamwork, TGMD keeps with the ever changing needs of the industry. Though we principally work with the major studios and broadcast networks in the Los Angeles area, TGMD remains nimble enough to help with the tightest budget or most challenging project. Using the latest digital and ISDN equipment, we bring our voices into your studio, wherever in the world you are.

The range of talent represented by TGMD is unmatched: there are bigger rosters, but none better.

Though TGMD is legendary for the vocal superstars on our roster, we hope you’ll notice the depth of the talent featured here. You’ll hear fresh and surprising newcomers throughout the website; because entertainment and advertising are constantly evolving, we’re confident you’ll discover the next generation of voice talent right here at TGMD. Our mission remains the same: simply the best.

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