Voiceregistry Weekly Workout Guest Listener – Talent Agent Joy Kelly Special Artists, LA

May 26, 2017 by: Colleen

Read for Talent Agent Joy Kelly – Special Artists Agency, LA!

This Workout will post on Monday May 29th 2017 12 noon pst

SAAAbout the Agency:

As a pioneer in the international commercial representation of Hollywood film talent, Special Artists Agency continues to be the leading global celebrity commercial agency with liaisons in Tokyo, London, New York City and Paris.

In Asia, SAA is recognized as the market leader among U.S. commercial agencies and has delivered high-profile deals for its Hollywood and pop talent. SAA has a strong local foothold with Asian advertising agencies and commercial production companies, particularly in Japan and China. SAA’s offices permanently maintain Japanese-speaking staff in order to facilitate talent negotiations and assist with travel and production in Japan.

SAA’s CEO and Founder, Liz Dalling, a London native, has an exceptional network of relationships in Europe and has been instrumental in developing cross-over talent for the U.S. commercial business. SAA continues to maintain a visible presence in major European centers including London, Paris and Milan.

SAA has successfully garnered commercial work for select Hollywood talent and its Latin artists in the growing Latin American commercial market.


About Joy:

Joy Kelly trained and became an agent in the celebrity division of Special Artist Agency though the late 80’s and 90’s and loves to specialize in the voice business. Joy took a hiatus from her career to be with her children when they were little then returned to Special Artist Agency…..her first and only agency home.

Her passion for voiceover and time in the business equals success for Special Artist and the talent she represents!


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