Voiceregistry Weekly Workout Guest Listener- Talent Agent Ilko Drozdoski

May 19, 2017 by: Colleen

Read for Ilko Drozdoski Talent Agent at a Major LA Talent Agency

This Workout will post Monday May  22 2017 at 12 noon pst.

Ilko DrozdoskiAbout Ilko Drozdoski:

Ilko Drozdoski didn’t aim for a show business career but gravitated toward it; working as a jack-of-all trades on music videos, setting up rigging, painting sets, processing invoices, doing whatever job came his way. Meanwhile, Ilko was absorbing the complex components of the entertainment industry. Several years working in Hollywood production offices taught him to appreciate the politics and strategies demanded by the business. Arriving at Tisherman Agency in 1998, Ilko started as an assistant, but his drive and connection to cultural trends quickly became an asset to the company as he helped develop and refine the Latin department at Tisherman.  Within seven years he was made partner in the newly renamed company TGMD.  Recently he left his partnership and joined the team at a Major LA Talent Agency where the challenges of a new talent roster only renewed his love for being an agent.

Ilko’s passionate interest in the film business and his wide experience have sharpened his communication skills and helped him respond to a market increasingly concerned with prototypes, rather than age ranges or a vocal styles. Ilko’s fascination with trends in digital recording, the internet, ISDN technology, Source Connect and other advances have condensed the casting process from a week to day, allowing the agency to remain flexible in a fast-paced marketplace.



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