voiceregistry Weekend Workout-Read for Executive Producer/Director!

March 8, 2012 by: Colleen

This Week’s Weekend Workout “Guest Listener” is

 MICHELE L. BAND, Executive Producer, Director

& Partner of Heads Up Creative


MICHELE L. BAND, a veteran Director and Executive Producer, conceived the name of Heads Up Creative many years ago as a result of her innate urge to pick up heads up pennies in the street for luck.


A graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, Michele’s career began at Nickelodeon producing/directing promos and special events, including the Kids Choice Awards. After 9 years, Michele launched a live action division for the animation company, VeePee, and oversaw creative for the Nickelodeon’s animated feature film, EverGirl. Her director credits include many mixed animation/live action projects for Wild Thornberries, Jimmy Neutron and Spongebob Squarepants, and feature national commercials for Toys R Us, Kohl’s and Mattel.


In 2002, she left to serve as Executive Producer for Ignition Films in LA. Michele expanded their offices to New York, and established clients such as PBS, CMT, Out of the Blue Enterprises, Nickelodeon, Wal-Mart, Imagination TV and Playmates Toys.


Her recent credits include producing and directing both voiceover and live-action for interactive media (Fact or Crap and Would You Rather with Howie Mandel), national commercials (Walmart, Dell, AT&T, Disney Toys, Burger King), music videos (Evergirl and Swedish rock group PLAY) and scripted content (PBS Morning Show, Mo & Splat, Dear Edwina and short film series “Teen Angst”)


The voiceregistry’s Weekend Workout opportunity provides you with:

  • Practice
  • Constructive Critiques of your practice audition
  • Ability to learn from others by listening to their takes and any suggestions given by the Guest Director
  • Exposure to Talent Agents and Casting Directors

How it works:
In order to participate, you must be a Platinum Member of the voiceregistry. Once logged in you will see a Weekend Workout link in the toolbar. Every Friday by 6:00pm (PST), we will post the copy for the Weekend Workout along with specific direction for your recording. Practice the script over the weekend and record 1 mp3 of the copy with a slate of your name in front of the audition.

There are instructions online of how to return the audition to voiceregistry and your practice audition will be included in our grouping to be heard by the GUEST DIRECTOR. The GUEST DIRECTOR will listen through the spots and make comments where appropriate. On Tuesday of the next week, you can check back on the Weekend Workout page for a link to all the practice auditions with the comments that were provided.  This way, you not only learn from your own read but you can hear others as well.



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