voiceregistry One on One Sessions – BIG Opportunity and Value!

June 12, 2013 by: Colleen

Get a Voiceover Professional’s Undivided Attention!

While I was having a conversation with an actor who lives in the NY area about voiceregistry this is what he told me when talking about the importance of getting your voice in front of a talent agent,

 “If an agent has an interest in you, next they want you to come in for an appointment. When I go to the appointment I have to take the subway, pay for a cab then walk a few more blocks to the agency.

Now that I am in his office I have all of maybe 5 minutes but even then the agent can be distracted by phone calls and emails.


Then he started doing the voiceregistry workouts. He found that his name and voice was right in front of the agent and getting interest in representation was far easier plus he ended up being represented by multiple agents.


Now let’s go one step further….

What if you schedule a One on One session?

Not a seminar that you may or may not be able to ask questions at,  or a “Meet an Agent” night with a room full of other actors.

 BTW –  The above mentioned actor said he had done those too with one of the agents that later was a guest listener for the Workout.



 The One on One Session

An unbeatable voiceregistry Resource that you have to Experience!


It is just YOU and the Agent or YOU and the Casting Director.


Would you like to personally read for a casting director from Disney?


What if you could get undivided attention to ask a talent agent their advice?


Add to that –  All session are Online via Skype.

You don’t have to drive ANYWHERE and it is scheduled so it is convenient for you and the professional.


I was talking to one of our One on One Pro’s –   Talent Agent  Micaela Stepanovich from Solid Talent LA..


Micaela said,

” I do get asked to speak and guest direct around town.

For voiceregistry the last 2 One on One sessions  I did consisted of discussing their demo and how many demos they should make and what they should include. I also discussed the business and how it has changed.  

 The first one was pretty much to get me to be their agent, which I actually did end up taking on and He is great! “



  • Its just YOU and the PRO
  • You let us know what you want to achieve from the session
  • Session is scheduled at a time that is convenient for you YOU & the PRO
  • Save GAS…All done Online via Skype
  • What an OPPORTUNITY!!

Schedule YOUR ONE on ONE NOW


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