Voiceregistry offers VOICEOVER Video Tips

January 10, 2011 by: Erica Kelly

Voiceregistry offers VOICEOVER Video Tips – Check out this video for more information

To Sign up for your free account go to voiceregistry.voicebank.net


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  1. My name is Andrea de Nisco, I’m native Italian voiceover talent. I live and work in Milan, Italy.
    By “native”, I mean that Italian is my first language, this is important as native speakers more effectively reach the target language audiences.
    I have 28 years experience in acting, radio television broadcast, business presentations, narration, telephone service and more! Every day my voice is on air in televisions, radios, computers, call centers.
    I offer serious and professional services to foreign agencies, I’m qualified in Italian language dubbing for Italian audiences.
    I guarantee a high quality of the recordings. I have a professional studio with the following equipments: micro Neumann U87I, Pre Mind Print MKll, Mixer Mackie 1402, Audio Board M Audio Fire Wire Solo.The recordings are therefore available in all format.
    Cost depends on each individual project. All Inclusive! PayPal available.

  2. Tennessee Luke says:

    hi- just got listed in your voice registry and am excited to download a commercial for a voice of mine for casting directors and producers and agents to review and hire me for their project.

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