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April 12, 2013 by: Colleen

Choosing a Talent Agency For Voice-over

Go Big or Go Boutique?

Here at Voicebank.net we have a wonderful list of talent agencies for producers and casting directors to select from when creating their voiceover project or when searching in the Demo & Client section.

Some are Big and some Boutique –  Quite frankly as long as the agent does their job to the best of their ability both are great as far as I am concerned.

Some actors have said to me, “they don’t want to be a small fish in a big pond” so they aren’t  sure if they would want to sign with a bigger agency

I have heard owners of Boutique agencies say they prefer to represent exclusive talent only and keep the amount of actors that they represent to a minimum. This way they can give each actor the personal attention they deserve.

Where as the big agencies will usually have an agent (or agents) for each genre if you will.

For example, an agent for promos, and then another for commercial, etc.

That also helps keep the actor on the agents radar and workload manageable.

The voiceover industry has become such a fast paced world!

With today’s technology an agent has to look over a spec for an audition and look over the contractual information to be sure they are protecting their client. Get the information to the actors that match the spec correctly and get the read back from the actor and upload before the project deadline that usually is a VERY tight turnaround.

If you are looking for an agent to represent you –

You also want to consider  if you want the agency to be exclusive to voiceover or if you are satisfied  as long as they have a voiceover dept.

My role here at Voicebank.net is to help those who cast voiceover projects, talent agents, and actors.

So I hear from all sides the different thought process involved.

I have experienced with producers and casting directors that the size of the agency is not important but the agency’s work ethic IS.

There is nothing worse than when a producer invites an agency to submit auditions and the agency not only doesn’t submit but doesn’t communicate why.

A simple “Thanks for the invite but we don’t have talent that matches the spec at this time”goes a long way.

So how do we sum all this up?

When it comes to producers and casting directors when they have a good experience with a talent agency that definitely creates a positive relationship which equals more auditions and bookings for the agency and it’s roster of actors in the future.

For Actors looking for an agent –

It isn’t about just getting an agent.  if you get an agent but that agent isn’t following through for you what good is that. BUT when you have an agent that is on their game what they do for you behind the scenes is priceless.

Which type of talent agency would you want to work with and why?


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  1. My name is John M. Johnson, I’m trying to get into the voice over market and having some challenges on getting started.I have attached the link to my voice over reel below as well to the link to my Resume under the Website field above. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9rM79iZYFA&t=6s

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