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June 19, 2013 by: Colleen

What  You May Not Know About VOICEBANK.NET

What started the inspiration for the blog post was an email conversation I had with an actress from the UK.

 She said “Equity in the UK suggest that there should be a fee paid for a voice test”. This is what we would call an audition in the US.

She was not in favor of the fact that the talent agencies on VOICEBANK.NET can not charge for auditions. That would be really difficult to implement here don’t you think? I understood her point but went on to clarify how not charging for auditions will not harm the voice actor.


Later I came across a few blog posts that warned about “VO scammers” that take Voice actors lines but don’t pay.

Two of the blog posts were from Dave Courvoisier’s and Bobbin Beam’s blog.

You can find both of these great actors in the VOICEBANK.NET Demos & Clients section.

Look for the awesome red star and click on their name to check out their website and blog!


Now let me see if I can explain why I thought the two situations can be brought together in this post.


Here is some info you may not know about VOICEBANK.NET

  •  Before a talent agency can join VOICEBANK.NET they need to provide proof that they are licensed and bonded. This requirement varies depending on the state the agency is located in.
  •  The bond is important so we know the talent will be able to be paid. 
  •  Talent agencies can not charge the talent to be on their roster; only take the normal agent percentage.
  •  Talent agencies can be union, non union or in right to work states.
  •  We respect what a good talent agent does for the actor. I have heard many a story about agents going to bat for their clients on rates and contract to be sure they will be compensated fairly.
  • All the demos on VOICEBANK.NET are uploaded by the talent agents on VOICEBANK.NET so the actors listed on VOICEBANK.NET are not paying us to be in the demo & client section.
  • We do offer optional features to help the talent’s demo get more exposure. The talent benefits by taking advantage of the features but like I mentioned these features are completely optional.
  •  When auditions are submitted to a VOICEBANK.NET project the only type of audio file that can be uploaded is an mp3. This safeguards that a broadcast quality file can’t get “jacked”.
  •  Once the producer or director has chosen the talent they reach out directly to the talent agent who represents them.
  •  Casting was smooth and easy and Voicebank has done its job. :)


I  love helping our VOICEBANK.NET clients.

I know everyday I do my very best for the producers, directors, agents and actors.

I respect what each one does and am happy when I ‘m able to connect them to what they need and want.

The safeguards we have put in place give me peace of mind and it should for you too.

I wonder what other sites do so the VO scammers aren’t pilfering.

Maybe some of those sites don’t really care as long as the money comes in one way or another….sad really…


Stay Safe Voice over Friends!




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