Voice Registry Podcast-Tracy Pattin Talks To Marketing Expert/Voice Talent, Tori Hartman Part 4

April 14, 2010 by: Tracy Pattin

Tori Hartman talks about marketing and voice over

Tori Hartman began her voiceover work at the suggestion of her publisher, who wanted her to record one of her books on tape. Two weeks later, she was in a studio launching her new career. In 2005, Tori opened what has become The Garage 247, a full service voiceover recording studio. The Garage specializes in low-cost ISDN and has become a vital gathering place for new and established voice talent. She’s just launched her VO marketing teams where actors help each other with networking and marketing strategies.

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This is Part Four of my interview with Tori Hartman to hear Parts One, Two and Three check out the previous week’s podcasts.

Tracy: Before we finish tell us your other careers.

Tori: (Laughs) I know I have like seven things.

Tracy: The candles and the jewelry.

Tori: Well liked I said at the beginning I’ve been a professional psychic for a long time and you know it was one of those things where it was in the closet so to speak and then one of my clients got a very high profile bravo show, so there is a lot of stuff that has happened in that regard and I launched an intention candle kit line. As well as a chakra vortex jewelry which is all about and this is what I work with in my group as well is aligning people to step into who they want to be and a lot of this being this is the conversation around voice over, so it has been very powerful to have a spiritual aspect bringing who I am to the table in terms of not just guiding but eliciting from people. On my spiritual website that’s the Tori Hartman website and this is torihartman.com and that’s the one where my slogan is ‘Enrich, Enlighten, Inspire’ and it’s really about it bringing out the best of you, so bringing out that aspect of myself and my teaching to the work as well that we’re doing is really. And I got to be honest with you, you know it’s really somebody said to me the other day one of my clients, I had just finished a gig and he said “you know it’s funny I can’t believe how out of the closet you are with your spiritual stuff” and I said “what do you mean?” he said “well, you know there are people that frightens and what have you” and I said “well

Tracy: Well this is LA (Laughs)

Tori: I mean yeah I mean you know the thing is that I said “well does it frighten you?” and he said “no” and I said “well then I’m not worried because I’m working with you” you know (Laughs)

Tracy: (Laughs)

Tori: People that are going to gravitate me want to work with me and the energy that I have, people that gravitate to somebody else that’s what they want and that’s okay. I think this thing of like trying to be something for everyone is not realistic; some people are just going to go “ew, I don’t like her she’s this”. Oh, okay you don’t like me that’s alright; I think we’ve got to get out of the idea that it is a popularity contest.

Tracy: Yes

Tori: And we are trying to do something, I mean we just have to be who we are and that’s enough and just really be gentle with ourselves and others and just know I had one guy in my marketing class who was like “I always thought I had to do it myself and this has just been so nice to feel like I am part of a group” and that’s really opening us up because guess what in voice over you can not do it alone, think about it. Consider that when you really think about it, in voice over you need a lot of people you need a script, you need an agent, you need an engineer to run your session, you need a producer, think of how many people it takes to get you to a mic to do a job. And when you really consider that as being part of the bigger whole the community you’ve got to approach it in a way with gratitude. I talk all the time about gratitude and possibility and we have to open up and remember that we are bring people into our world and we’re sharing with them and right now in this moment this is a very intimate moment with who ever is listening because they’re getting it. If they’re listening this far, who ever is listening right now is going that makes sense or they’re going this is hogwash and they are turning it off, right. So it’s going to be the people who listen past that, that’s where you get the gold and I say don’t quit before the miracle, don’t ever quit, just when you think you should give up the business and you want to slap it on the floor. You have to go wait a second that’s my process, that is who I am and this is what I teach in the voice over group. One guy was like “I don’t know” and I said “How many years did it take you to become the professional the business you’ve been in?” “Thirty Years” “I go uh huh and how long have you been doing voice over?” “Nine Months” I go “Uh Huh” “Shut Up”

Tracy: (Laughs)

Tori: But the thing is it’s not even that it’s like it takes time, like people want to do their demo in an hour and it’s like, No, give yourself the time to become a professional and step into that because it’s a whole new persona it is a whole new way of beginning and it’s a whole new you. Because you can not where you are where you want to be from where you are right now you have to step into that life and that’s what we work on releasing who you think you are supposed to be. I can listen to a read and I can go “Oh, that person is in their head”, right?

Tracy: Mhm

Tori: And I can say “Drop it down to your body” when I’m listening to someone I can say “Drop it into your body” and they go “Oh” and they start to drop it into their body so it’s all a spiritual conversation, Tracy.

Tracy: I hear you, I know what you’re saying

Tori: You have got to hear through it

Tracy: Right, right

Tori: And even in the reality of what we’re having right now this is the real conversation you know. The other stuff is just what do you think of going on with trends but the reality is that who ever is listening is going “oh, hey, that makes sense to me”. So in the work I do with people in my spiritual work is I work a lot of stepping through what they consider a block which is really just a challenge and opening up the world that they’re looking to create for themselves and so the marketing team there is a lot of I give them the information but you know what can I tell you something I can give you a book that lists everything to do in the business and I can guarantee you won’t do it unless you’re working on being that person. See I can tell you everything about the business but you’re not going to listen because if you’re intention is “I got to get a demo!” you’re not going to hear what I’m having to say. I looked at somebody last week I said “It won’t matter if you have a demo” and he looked at me and said “Well what do you mean?” I said “You’re coming at the business at such a ferocious way your going to chase everything away” and he went “Oh” and I said “You have to shift how you’re being with people because they read it”. You know we read it and I can tell you right now the people that the people listening are going to either hear me as being authentic or they’re going to hear me as being full of crap and either way it doesn’t matter. See this is the funny thing and even as I say that nothing matters, right but everything matters, what matters is the connection we are having right now because by the time it’s listened to it’s another person’s connection.

Tracy: Exactly, exactly

Tori: So, it’s got to be your connection with the microphone, who you are when you come up to the microphone, who you are in that intimate moment with this piece of apparatus and in this case sitting with you, who am I with you, who am I hear because by the time it’s get listened to by a producer and by the time the producer brings the client in and the client’s cousin listens and they all determine that it sounds real and they come back to you, you are in a whole different space. So you have to consistently be you when you come up the mic and really so you bring up my spiritual work which to me is the basis of how I create what I create and how I teach people how to create because you have to shift how your being if you want to be successful because I can guarantee if you are not doing what you love to do and not successful at it right in this moment it’s because there is something in you that is not giving you permission. And so with my work I go back in and I a lot of times it’s a multi generational healing and I will pull something out and go here it is and we work and it and it’s done and some people go “how can you do that?” because you see it happen and it’s so simple and the other person’s life is changed and “how did that happen” because we change things in a moment, who can ever forget mean joe green that commercial, remember that little kid “here, kid” and he shows them the coca cola

Tracy: Yeah, yeah

Tori: Can you imagine All State being done by anybody else but Dennis Haybert. Imagine Lowes you can still hear Gene Hackmans voice when I say it, I mean there’s voices and you hear it crisply in your brain and you know the Don Lafontaine voice it’s so crystal and all of those people are bringing who they are to the mic. And even the people that are not in VO necessarily um gosh my brain went blank but uh gosh such a great actor Kevin Spacey doing Honda, I said “Oh, there’s Kevin Spacey” and they went “That’s not Kevin Spacey” and I go “Yeah” and they listen and they went “Oh” I said “yeah” cause the crispness of who he is comes to the mic.

Tracy: Yes, yes

Tori: Christine Laughty and other brilliant voices coming to the mic and all I’m saying to you is that these people have opened up an intimacy and by the way intimacy isn’t what you think it is, it’s into me see where you are letting people see into you and you have to be that at the mic so the conversation we are having right now is the real conversation, the other stuff is just “How to make a cake. First get a demo, First get duh, duh, duh…”. But the real conversation is your preparation before you even get there has got to be you ready for this business because most people will quit.

Tracy: Well Tori this has been really, really great.

Tori: (Laughs) Thank You

Tracy: And just the insights are so helpful and getting down to the essence of what voice over is about, it’s so much more than sort of the outskirts of it and the audition there is so much more going on.

Tori: its fun, it’s energetic

Tracy: Building communities so that is great and I Thank You.

Tori: Thank you so much I know we’ve had like three false ending on this but Thank You. (Laughs)

Tracy: (Laughs) Thanks

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  1. Mark Neely says:

    Tori is a very powerful person and it comes out in her VO work. Finding our real self brings out your best voice. She is amazing to work with.

    Thank you again Tracy for your interviews. People love talking to you and give us a gift each time you sit with someone.

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