Voice Over Opportunity: Reading For The Blind

October 29, 2008 by: Tracy Pattin

When I think back to getting up at the crack of dawn to go downtown San Francisco to read the news for Broadcast Services For The Blind, I’m so glad to have had that great first voice over opportunity. It was a daily live broadcast, a challenge for a voice over newbie and a way to give back.

Which brings me to a wonderful email we just received from Bob Jordan who has just joined AIRS-LA as a narrator for the blind and print impaired listener. Here’s his email:

“I have some exciting news to share with you ! I have just joined AIRS-LA as a narrator, reading for the blind & print-impaired listener. I read articles from ‘Money Magazine’. I’ve done quite a few things in this business since I began back in 1977, but nothing quite as rewarding as this ! It’s quite an honor to freely give of your talents for such a worthy cause and great organization. I would personally like to commend Max R. Flehinger – President, for all the hard work he does.”

Even if you’re an veteran voice actor, it might be something rewarding to do. I think I’ll contact them and do some narrating for them.

Thanks Bob for your email and inspiration! Keep us posted on your experience with AIRS-LA.

-Tracy Pattin


4 Responses to “Voice Over Opportunity: Reading For The Blind”
  1. I am interested in volunteering for reading for the blind or doing voice over commercial work.

  2. I was an on-air reader for the blind in Akron, Ohio in the late 90’s, early 2000. I absolutely loved it and would love to do it again. I live in San Francisco (Cow Hollow area) and would love to have a meeting to see if you could use me. My cell is 330-523-9984. Thank you, Jessie Pedigo

  3. Roy Wert says:


    I live in Central Arkansas. I’m a voice talent and I’m in reading for the blind (pro-bono). Is there a contact you could provide. Thank you.

  4. Rita Cutts says:

    I live in NW Arkansas. I have no experience in reading for the blind but in the late 1990 I did a demo and was accepted to read for the blind. Alas due to traveling for my job I was unable to pursue my dream of reading for the blind.
    Please contact me as I am really interested.

    Thank You

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