Voice-Over Community Rally’s Together to Help Fellow Voice Actor

May 17, 2013 by: Colleen

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Doing Webinar Fundraiser to Help Fellow Voice Actor

When I saw this article all I could think was I hope I can help bring awareness  and help by sharing this!

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The 2013 Audiobook Gold Rush webinar

Calgary based voice-over actress Nicole Nielson has been diagnosed with an incurable condition called Parry Rombergs Syndrome. Only approximately 1 in one million people are affected by Parry Rombergs.

The condition causes extreme pain due to hemifacial atrophy leading to a host of other debilitating symptoms, including an associated condition known as Trigeminal Neurgalgia. There is not a single doctor in Canada that specializes in the Parry Rombergs. Since December 2011, Nicole has been trying to get by with only symptomatic treatment.

So the voice-over community is rallying together to support Nicole and her loved ones in raising money and awareness so that she may travel to a Mayo Clinic in the US to obtain adequate treatment of the disease itself.

In an effort to help many voice actors and coaches are coming together to raise funds. Julie Williams presents The 2013 Audiobook Gold Rush webinar with Patrick Fraley and Scott Brick including special guest Bob Deyan.  100% of the proceeds will go to Nicole’s cause. The webinar will take place on Tuesday May 21nd, 2013 at 6:00 PT (9:00 EST).

Julie Williams,Pat Fraley, and Scott Brick can all be found in the Voicebank.net Demo & Client Section.


Donations (and hugs) are also being accepted through Giveforward.com. There are many other ways to offer Nicole and her family assistance. Additional information on how one can help can be found on Facebook.


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