Special Announcement from Voicebank.net

August 9, 2017 by: Jeff Hixon
The Voicebank.net staff and Voices.com co-founders David and Stephanie Ciccarelli

Voicebank.net staff with Voices.com Co-Founders David and Stephanie Ciccarelli

Dear Customers and Supporters,

I am happy to share some exciting news with you about our company – Voicebank.net (including Voiceregistry) has been acquired by Voices.com, and I wanted you, our customers, to be the first to know.

From early meetings, it was clear to me that our companies had much in common, including a similar vision for the future.  That, in combination with it being the right time for each of us, resulted in this acquisition.

While many of you no doubt already know Voices.com, for those who may  not be familiar, they are the largest voice over marketplace, used by nearly half a million business clients and voice actors. The company connects organizations – including some of the world’s largest brands – to professional voice over talent. The site is home to over 200,000 voice actors who speak more than 100 languages and dialects, and 200,000 clients from 139 countries around the globe.  All this, in addition to being a great group of folks to work with, on top of that.

As a leading company in the voice over industry, this relationship with Voices.com will be an invaluable benefit for both Voicebank.net and our users. This acquisition will result in a larger, more diverse pool of both talent and work, with customer sets of each company eventually seeing the opportunities that were not previously available in a single spot.

From a customer service perspective, the people and contacts you work with here at Voicebank.net will remain the same.  From a billing perspective, please note that you will now be making payments to  Voices.com Inc.

We are very optimistic about the future of this relationship, and are looking forward to working with the wonderful people at Voices.com to serve you better as a result of this acquisition.

I am available by phone and email if you have any questions about this exciting news.


Jeff Hixon

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38 Responses to “Special Announcement from Voicebank.net”
  1. Jeff, did you talk to anyone before you did this? I mean literally anyone!?

  2. Michael Bybee says:

    There goes the neighborhood . . . and a big chunk of the industry !

  3. Brian Doucette says:

    Why?? Seriously? Any reason other than $$.

    This is a slap in the face to the voiceover industry

  4. Henrietta says:

    This is awful. Absolutely awful. You have just sold two great resources to the most corrupt voice over company in the industry. Talk to any voice over artist who’s a working professional and they will give you a long list of all the reasons they DO NOT work with voices.com. They are extremely anti-union, they tell you the client can only pay $300 for a job, when the client is actually paying them $3000 for a job (I have personal experience of this, and screenshots to prove it). This is a sad sad day for the VO industry.

  5. Paul Stefano says:

    I’ve been literally nauseous all day. Could be some new medication, but I don’t think so.

  6. Tim says:

    This is absolutely disgusting. What a joke. No doubt the agencies and production companies listed will begin to bail.

  7. Erik Sheppard says:

    Of all the people in the world you could have sold to you chose the most predatory and horrible of them all. What a blow for the industry and what a sad day for those who stood by Voicebank for so long.

  8. Chris Thom says:

    Beyond disappointed with this.

    Voices has shown their lack of concern and regard for voice talent on more occasions than I can count. They are purely about making more $$ and NOT about building up or supporting the VO community unless it lines their pockets.

    Bad form VoiceBank.

  9. Mary says:

    Wow. And this, my friends, is what is called ‘selling your soul to the devil.’

  10. Michael says:

    I”m so glad to see all the comments are aligned with my thoughts and feelings on this. I am just baffled. The gold standard for the industry merging with what for most is the lowest rung on the totem pole. Voices has one standard: making a buck. There are ZERO checks and balances when it comes to quality of talent, audiltions, fees, and the list goes on. Somebody there must either have written a humongous check or have some very covert photos of the Voicebank people. …And the industry continues to go downward.

  11. Julia says:

    Why would union signatory talent agents want to subscribe to a service that literally exists to make the role of the agent obsolete? David C. and team have shown over and over again that VO talent are not their clients (or their priority). They’ve created a platform where they triple dip, acting as agent, casting director, and producer – taking a yearly fee from talent, a known percentage of the talent fee (as well as an unknown percentage of the talent fee), with no transparency to the talent or client regarding how much of the client’s budget they pocket for each job. They literally take money AWAY from talent agents.

  12. Doug says:

    I guess there’s no need for Trojan horses anymore, when you have a checkbook full o’ cash.

  13. Matt says:

    I’m sure Voices.com simply saw this as a surcharge for gaining access to the relationships VoiceBank has CD’s and producers.

    What a kick in the pants for the voiceover industry. Bless capitalism, eh?

  14. Etienne says:

    Why? Just… why? I mean to say, do you realize how many agents, clients, and voice talent you’ve affected by this? Do you realize that the firm, which remains nameless, is a pariah, if not _the_ pariah, in the VO world? There is plenty of evidence about how that firm treats voice talent and, more importantly, agents and clients. Is there a meme for a combination of face palm and smh?

  15. Cam says:

    Wow. It says something that there is not one positive comment here. I left VDC personally because of ethical reasons. It is sad to see a respected company align with Voices :-( Remember… Ethics come first, people. That is the only way to do business and survive the long haul.

  16. Bernard says:


  17. Craig says:

    Not sure what you were thinking, Jeff, or IF you were thinking.

    I left VDC years ago because of their unethical practices, which have done nothing but become MORE unethical. It’s hard to believe you spoke to anyone in the industry before you made this decision.

    It’s a sad day for everyone in the voiceover industry. You’ve taken a golden brand and permanently tarnished it.

  18. Definitely a punch in the gut! Never saw this one coming!

  19. I am thoroughly disturbed by this news. Joining the race to the bottom by aligning yourselves this way is astoundingly irresponsible to the voice community and will directly affect many people’s income negatively. As literally everyone above me has noted in one way or another, this move is a serious detriment to working voice professionals as well as agents and casting directors and clients.

  20. Juana Plata says:

    This is a disgrace. For the industry. For the talents… for you! Selling your company to one of the most corrupt and disgusting companies in the industry. Not sure what were you thinking, if indeed you had some thought other than filling your bank account. Sad. Really sad ending for a company that I upheld as one with the most integrity in the industry. Shameful.

  21. Brian Monk says:

    Jeff Hixon has no shame. Years ago I made my living as a professional singer/songwriter, and then Napster gave all my music away for free. Over time and through much hard work, I was able to rebuild myself and start a new career, and now it seems it’s happened again. Voices.con is beyond unethical and greedy; they are fraudulent and and blatantly dishonest. VB was at one time the gold standard in the industry, but no longer. I’m sure a new business model will eventually manifest for professional voice actors and agents; one that does not include these triple-dipping con artists.

  22. elynne dale says:

    dear talent, this a time sensitive urgent message to each and every one of you. YOU CANNOT BE ‘ACQUIRED’ WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT. Withdraw now and refuse this, you hold all the cards, ‘reclaim your dam time’ – Aunty Maxine Waters style. This grande scheme of monopolization- doesn’t happen without you.. it is NOTHING. Understand that and act swiftly. Spread the word, you are not the VICTIMS, you DRIVE this industry, no whining – RECLAIM!

    dear Voicebank, this is one helluva Trump-y move you’ve made; self-dealing, carefully floralled
    languaging – and a gross underestimation of the collective intellect. The Big Fish Voice Company Is paid up through 2017, let this blog post serve as cancellation of our subscription effective immediately, please remove us from your site and refund our credit card for subscription monies prepaid from August 9th- December 31, 2017.


    elynne dale

  23. Pat Duke says:

    Jeff, I understand…from a business perspective. You built Voicebank and it’s your right to sell it. Congrats, I’m sure you went to the bank big time. Personally, ethically, emotionally, spiritually your deal screwed us all. But what the hell, we’re not your concern. All’s fair in love and war. Well? This is WAR. Talent, agents, managers, ad agencies leave. Stop. Walk away. End your relationship with this monopoly. Voices is a criminal enterprise. Don’t be an accessory to their crimes.

  24. David Leffel says:

    This will literally kill a decent wage in this industry. Voices.com has ruined the industry in general and an actors ability to earn a living wage is being decimated as we speak and read in horror. Because of Voices.com voiceover talent being respected as a spokesperson has literally died. No one respects what the voice does anymore. They just know they can get one for 300 bucks on voices.com. And the fact that they have so much bad publicity about skinning off the top makes this even worse. I know they cannot skim off the top of union wages, however, they are trying to merge markets and that is far worse than Washington politicians killing unions. The Ciccarelli’s are clueless. They aren’t even aware of the destruction they are doing to people’s lives. They are just getting their money. It’s frigging sad. And the fact that they don’t even know crap about the industry is disheartening. Stephanie wrote voiceover for dummies and barely knows how to work the industry. The book is just a sad reflection of the mediocrity that has destroyed the industry as a whole.

  25. M. HALL says:

    New to the industry, but I don’t like what I’m reading here. Is there any thing positve about this deal for talent?

  26. Annie Silver says:

    I’m represented on voicebank.net through two of my agents. I’ve worked with voices.com in the past, and walked away when it became a numbers/time game about even having your audition listened to: first 10 or 20, okay, but after that…and then the fees being offered became an insult to a professional. I’ve sent the link to this story to all of my agents and I’m betting that with their integrity, they will probably be canceling their subscriptions with voicebank and finding something comparable elsewhere. I understand wanting to sell for a profit, but you sold us out!

  27. Brandon Paul Eells says:

    I wish us all luck on our race to the bottom.

  28. Peter O'Connell says:


    I hope the money was worth it.

  29. Lipton says:

    Ashamed of you all.

  30. Jim says:

    As a signed union v/o actor, I don’t feel very good about these race to the bottom, anti-union services who don’t treat voiceover as a true profession. Instead they seem to be seeking to convert jobs to talented hobbyists willing to do any job for $300 with no appreciation for the gains of union labor, or the profession. I hope it all collapses, and more jobs decide to hire union talent. Stop undercutting the competition and selling your work for less than it’s worth.

  31. S S says:

    I joined voice.com about a year ago as a free member. I am new to voiceover business and voice.com seemed a legit site and company to me to start with. But I have noticed something unusual. There is a job posted for my language only when there is a sale for membership and I can’t audition unless I join as a paid member! I wasn’t really sure if it was a coincidence or not. Actually when I did my first job on voices.com for about 44 USD, immediately I received an invitation to get the paid membership. It is interesting; I found and joined voicebank today and now I see all these comments about voices.com.

  32. David says:

    This acquisition will most likely turn many professional union Voiceover careers into hobbies. I’m very concerned. And I’ve been doing this for 20 years…

  33. Tre M. says:

    Like the OJays said “For a small piece of paper it carries a lot of weight.”

    Enjoy that mean green.

  34. Drew says:

    Three days later, I still have a sick feeling.

    All of the social media sites are abuzz. Folks are not happy.

  35. anonynous says:

    Ok, I have been given more than enough signs to let me know that this picture is not going to work anymore. it’s over.

  36. Dave says:

    Voices has, by far, the worst reputation of any major player in the VO industry. Beyond their reputation for triple dipping (yearly membership fee + 20% “escrow” commission + arbitrary and undisclosed “full service” fees) they have a reputation for misrepresenting the payment to voice talent to their end clients, and lying about their dishonesty when caught redhanded. It’s saddening to see them purchase a long-standing, long-respected player in the the industry.

  37. MV says:

    Voices.com has the word reputation of BEING A HORRIBLE COMPANY to their participating voiceover talent with low fees just to get work. How could you have sold out to a company that none of us want to be involved with?

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