Q&A: A Different Perspective

October 30, 2014 by: Jessica

Q&A Promo 6We’ve got similar questions to our previous post but this time Heather Vergo of Atlas Talent Agency is giving her insight on the industry.  She is also a one-on-one resource that you can utilize through us. Check out the responses below and keep submitting those questions to us via Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for our Q&A month.

Question 1 – “What’s the best advice you can give to someone interested in starting a voice acting career?

First off, get coaching!! Go to a beginner’s group class to start off to explore if you really love VO and want to pursue it as a career. Most people think it’s easy and all you need is a good voice to get into VO. Anyone who has tried and failed or tried and succeeded can tell you otherwise. Invest a little to find out if you are willing to invest a lot (of money and time). If you love it, then you need to dive into as many classes as you can and develop your skill set. When you are ready (and only when you are ready), make a demo in your area(s) of expertise and start sending them to agents to see if you can get representation to move to the next level.

Question 2 – “Is it a good option to have home base recording studio? Or it is always better to record our work in some good sound proof studio?”

Yes, it’s a good option to have a home base recording studio BUT ONLY if it’s very good quality. If you aren’t able to get good quality where we can hear your vocal qualities and choices very clearly and well on the mic, then you should go to a real studio to audition.


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  1. Edward Michaud says:

    I would enjoy the opportunity to begin my voiceover career. I live in Connecticut and I am retired. Age 61 with over 25 years of local theater acting experience. Please let me know what to do first. Thank you.

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