May 15, 2013 by: Colleen


Almost on a daily basis when helping producers who are creating voice over casting projects on I am asked about rates for talent.

Example from today –

“Basically, what are the talent fees for 8 weeks/regional market usage”?

Even when the producer is creating a non-union project I encourage to check what the union rate is and settle into a rate that is fair for the talent based on the union rate information. is building a new and improved interface for our producer clients to enjoy.   One one of the many new great features we want to incorporate is a rate “cheat sheet” to help guide producers on the rates for various types of usage.

But till then guess what?

SAG/AFTRA have been busy fixing up their website, adding new rate sheet information and help make FINDING the information more accessible!

So today we thought , “Well let’s do a quick and easy post to help provide links to the information all you wonderful producers need and want”!


Quick and Easy clicks to the New SAG &b AFTRA 2013 Rates!

Agreements/Forms/Rate Sheets

Production Center

Downloadable PDF Rate Sheets




3 Responses to “NEW SAG & AFTRA 2013 RATE SHEETS”
  1. Paul Horn says:

    Isn’t it interesting that admidst all the anti-union rhetoric these days and the push for so-called “Right to Work’ laws (which basically aim at eviscerating unions financially), that union rates provide a guide to what non-union producers should charge and what non-union performers should expect for v/o and other performance work. So what happens when unions lose their strength? You probably know the answer: the already all too familiar “race to the bottom.” Ironically, non-union performers have a stake in union strength, too.

  2. “One one of the many new great features we want to incorporate is a rate cheat sheet” – you got that right, Voicebank. Cheat sheet is the right name for it…signed, a union performer……

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