Microphones for Home Studios

November 11, 2014 by: Colleen

QUESTION-“Can anyone recommend a good starter mic brand for a start up VO home studio that doesn’t break the bank?”:

Our own Jeff Hixon, CEO of Voicebank.net and master at signal flow weighs in on this question.

There are a number of high quality yet affordable at home microphones available. Here are a few:

Blue Yeti USB Mic (two price ranges)

Yeti, a basic mic, about $129 via Guitar Center

mic 1


Yeti Pro Multi-Pattern, a better quality mic, about $250 via Sweetwater


Another great choice is the Miktek integrated Mic/Boom arm/ and Mixer priced at $299 via Sweetwater


Remember, good microphone technique is as important as the mic you choose. Watch your gain or input level settings and practice finding the “sweet spot” of the microphone relative to your distance from the mic and the volume you are creating with your own voice.

These are just a few of our personal recommendations, also check out our previous post about creating your own home studio.


(Disclosure: These tips and recommendations are our own personal opinions, none of this content has been sponsored in any way.)


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  1. Sk says:

    What about ATR2100? I saw lot of videos on youtube with people testing and comparing it with other microphones and it sounds good. Is it ok to start with that as a beginner?

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