Men rule movie trailers

March 21, 2012 by: Colleen

Men rule movie trailers BUT can this trend change?

The link Below is really great to watch.

Professionals in the voice over industry  from talent agent Jeff Danis president of DPN  to voice-over artists Joan Baker and Tasia Valenz talk about the current trend and what it will take for women in the voice over business to break through the current trend and blaze a new trail (trailer) for the future.

Men rule movie trailers



4 Responses to “Men rule movie trailers”
  1. Susan Alcantara says:

    Thank you so much for this jewel of a find. I was wonderful when I can expect to hear women in the movies. I know there is a long way ( or maybe not) till that day but I’m grateful these special women stood out in the sea of us who struggle everyday for work.

  2. Colleen says:

    Thank you for commenting and thanks to all the wonderful ladies who are blazing the trail in the voice over business!

  3. ArleneMac says:

    Mr.James Alburger at a seminar in San Diego, heard me read and said I had a James Earl Jones/Maya Angelou voice. I did not forget that statement. After reading this I feel there may be hope for my voice. Yeah

  4. What Jeff Danis is saying is ridiculous. They said no one wanted to hear women in radio and that was disprove. They also said that men were more trustworthy and authoritative in TV news and that wasn’t
    true either and what science has said men are more trustworthy. They didn’t ask me if I trust men over women cuz if they did I would tell them that a bunch of crap. Jeff is giving nothing but excuses to keep women out of that end of the business which is discrimination. I was the first female voice in radio in Denver, CO and since my entrance onto the scene many other women’s voices are heard in my area. Come on guys they even have women sports announcer/TV anchors etc. I would love to do trailers but I have been told it’s a man world. Well I have been told that before and it never stopped me. As women I think we need to stand up to this travesty. Is it going to take an act of Congress????

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