John Cleese “Planes” Voiceover Role

August 15, 2013 by: Colleen

Is Voice Acting the EASY way of Acting?

When John Cleese was Interviewed for the New “Planes” animation movie the person conducting the inetview began to say, 

“Some people might say voice acting is the easy way of acting”…..

John Cleese said  – “They would be quite right, it is the most enjoyable work that I do!”

He went on to add…“There is almost no stress and the interesting, fun challenge of making it appealing for both  Kids & Adults”.


Entertainment that is Appealing for both Kids & Adults – That is what Pixar’s “Cars” and now the new Disney creation “Cars”  spin off  “Planes” is all about!

Check out the interview with John Cleese  courtesy of  Yahoo UK Movies News


Did you know that In the Demo & Client section John Cleese is represented by Creative Artist Agency (CAA) and the Washington Speakers Bureau?

If you are reading this and you are a voice over actor do agree with John Cleese?

What do you think is “Easy” about voice acting and what is your greatest Challenge?


*We would also like to extend Thanks to our wonderful longtime client Disney

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