Is a Home Studio a “Must Have” to do Voice over?

April 23, 2013 by: Colleen

Simple Ways to Do a Good Recording


Between getting calls and emails about starting a career in Voiceover one of the main questions asked time and time again is “What do I need to record my voice and do I need a studio”?

Even talent that already work in Voice-over have questions about how they can improve on what they have or are doing.

On our other website voiceregistry some of the Weekend Workout participants put in a request that a Workout be dedicated to the technical aspect of the reads being submitted.

Two really great voice actors Matt Cowlrick & Patrick Sweeney who have been enjoying the benefit of participating in the voiceregistry Weekend workouts had this to say –

“There is huge variety in the quality of the recording spaces that we hear on Weekend Workout, so we thought it would be cool to have someone like George Whittam or Dan Lenard (or both) appear as the guest(s) for one weekend. Everyone could record the same script, as per usual and Voicebank could communicate to participants that there is no performance feedback this specific week. The comments from the guest will be purely technical and a basic evaluation of the recording space.”

And Matt added –

“My room is pretty good (I’ve hired George Whittam already), but I’m sure myself and a lot of people who have a strong setup would still get a lot of value out of the constructive feedback.”


Whether we do a “Tech” Workout on  voiceregistry or not ( that decision isn’t up to me) I decided to create this post to make life easier for both you, me, and the many VO friends that can be helped by pointing those with the burning “how to” questions in their direction.

Dan Lenard “In the East” and George Whittam “In the West” do weekly shows on their website East West Audio Body Shop. The shows are chocked full of a wealth of information on equipment, helpful advice and interviews.


I have met them both and respect what they are bringing to the voice-over community.


Like Matt mentioned in his email to us, along with the website and their show they also offer tech support.

They don’t even need to be local to you to be able to help!

Please see their website for details – East West Audio Body Shop


Still Wondering about the Home Studio Question??

To find out what the voice of Spongebob Squarepants  Tom Kenny  thinks about the “Is a Home Studio a “Must  Have” to do Voiceover?” debate check out his appearance on EWABS


Do you have a Home Studio?…… How Happy are you with your set up?




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  1. I think a tech workout might be fun. I’ve already had George tweak my studio so it isn’t as critical for me but maybe he’d come up with a few more tweaks we can make.

    I’d be extra happy if this were in addition to the casting director/agent workouts instead of in place of one. :)

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