I’m looking for a cheaper Voice Over Demo…can you help?

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voicenet blogThis question was forwarded to me today:

“hi guys! i met u guys at showbiz expo in NY recently and was also wandering about something that how do i find out who makes cheaper demos for commercial, promo, film and tv Voice Over Demos.”

I thought my reply was something that should be posted, considering the number of people looking for “cheaper” ways to get into VO:

“Hi *******.

That’s a tough question to answer.  There are a lot of people out there who can make a “cheap” demo.  The challenge is to find someone who can make an inexpensive and good demo.

If you go by price alone, you can spend a couple hundred and get someone who has all of the music, a ProTools system and knows how to edit, but a good demo producer also knows the industry, knows what’s current, knows what producers and agents want to hear and most importantly, has a good ear and knows how to direct.

Don’t get me wrong: you can also spend $1500 and get a “cheap” sounding demo if it’s produced by someone who doesn’t know VO.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of those people out there too. It’s not enough to just be an engineer.

I’m sorry to say that you won’t find many cheap demo producers who are going to make a demo good enough to compare to the tens of thousands of really good demos out there.  If you spend more, you’re more likely to receive more.

I understand budgets but a demo is your calling card.  It’s the first (and possibly last) impression people will have of your voice.  If you’re serious about VO, invest in a good/great demo.

I suggest looking for quality demo producers who have done demos for solidly working VO artists.  Ask them to listen to their demos.  Ask if any of their demos are on Voicebank.  Ask if you can contact the actors they’ve done demos for and see how the demos are being received.

Ask anyone you know who is a working VO person about who did their demo.  If you know any agents or producers, ask them for suggestions.

The more knowledge you have, the better decision you’ll make, no matter what the price.”

Stewart Wilson-Turner, VP/CTO, Voicebank.net


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  1. True. The toughest aspect of the industry today is getting the right info. It’s why actors MUST spend time researching and learning as much as they can when making such decisions.

    By the way: Googling “Voice Over Demo Producers” and picking the person/company at the top of the list isn’t research 😉

  2. Xavier Paul says:

    The Myth:
    I don’t need a professionally produced demo. I can just record something on a tape recorder or my friend’s home studio setup and I’ll be fine. Plus the agent I know said that would be ok.
    The Truth: What a big mistake. This industry is competitive enough. Why make it harder on yourself by not getting and sending out a professionally produced demo? Also are you sure that “agent” isn’t also a used car salesman?

  3. When searching for someone to produce your first demo, this article may be helpful to you aspiring voice actors out there: “Finding the Right Producer – Look Before You Leap!! http://www.voicesforall.com/pages/voice-articles.cfm#2

  4. Hi. Here is a guy who does decent production and voice overs for a good price .. and donated amounts…. worth a listen … http://www.friendfamilymedia.ca

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