How to Get Voiceover Work

May 8, 2013 by: Colleen

Do You Want Voice Over Work


Get Paid What You are Worth? created the voiceregistry website to help actors “bridge” from not being represented to getting good solid representation. Once represented by an agency on VOICEBANK.NET your agent will upload your demo to the VOICEBANK.NET demo & client section and submit your auditions to top notch casting projects that are being cast through VOICEBANK.NET on a daily basis.

That being said one way we are able to get your voice right in front of the top talent agents that are on is to offer the weekly WORKOUT on voiceregistry.


Each week an industry PRO provides copy and specs for the PLATINUM members on voiceregistry. The listener then listens to the reads and provides valuable feedback.

Most times the pro is a talent agent and that is the pro I want to focus on in this blog post.


A good solid talent agent can take your VO career from just getting by to earning what you are worth.

If you are a  voice over talent I don’t have to tell you all that you have to invest in to keep your business going.

The equipment for recording and editing (that’s pretty penny right there) and well, you know the rest without me saying.


When Vice President &Talent Agent for DPN Mike Shallbetter asked if he could add a general note to all the participants of the Workout he was a guest listener for in April I had no idea what he wished to share.


Once I saw the advice I asked if I could share it on the blog, Mike’s response was,

If posting my comments will help anyone, please do”. 

What did one of the Workout Participates comment after reading the advice?

Bruce AbelsKudos to Mike Shallbetter from DPN for his note to everyone who participated in last week’s WWO. What a class act. Thanks, Mike!


Before I do, I also want to add that awhile back Mike signed a new client that had been a Workout participant in a past Workout that Mike was the guest for.


His client who loves the Workouts emailed to tell us his experience.

Looking at both Mike’s advice and the client he signed Rick’s testimonial it was a no-brainier that voice talent out there could benefit from the exposure of getting in front of a great agent by doing the Workouts.

Once you’re with a solid Talent Agent that is looking out for you, instead of working for peanuts you can earn what you are worth.

Now let’s let Mike’s advice and Rick’s experience tell it best….

Mike wrote –

Thank you for taking the time to send in your reads for review. You will notice that I am a tough critic. I am very passionate about the craft of using ones voice and it is not for the faint of heart. The business is more competitive and saturated than EVER before. I would like to say that the most talented or nicest or committed VO actors book the work. Not so. Not even close. It’s a combination of having great, far reaching; first call representation….getting as many auditions and chances to swing the bat as possible and KNOWING YOUR STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES. Then some luck.

People…. Be realistic.

Take a REALLY close listen to yourself and then find a truly honest friend to listen with you. If you have a speech issue, mouth noise, lisp or anything like that….STOP…and if you truly want to do voice over…get that fixed. Otherwise frustration will consume you.

STUDY YOUR CRAFT. Watch TV and listen to the radio. Watch promos. As painful as it is sometimes….if you don’t know what VO style is being used, you are out of the game. Find YOUR voice. Listen to qualities in others and learn from them but find YOUR voice. If you try and copy someone exactly….it does not serve you. THEY will be the one being hired. Not you.

If you are lucky enough to have someone hire you for work and it is NON UNION. KNOW THIS….they will pay you a couple hundred bucks. Maybe even a couple thousand. BUT you will see or hear that spot running until the end of time and NEVER get another cent. That is a fact and that is a total bummer when you realize how much potential money could have been made.

I wish you all the best of luck.”

Mike Shallbetter

 Now here is the inspiring and FUN part –

Rick wrote –

Don’t know if you’re aware, but Weekend Workout was touting that Mike Shallbetter was coming back. And I think it was said that last time he got a good client. If so, I think that client was me. Still with him and DPN. I Can’t say enough good things about Mike. Among other things he’s hooked me up with NFL Films in NY, which I’ve done a number of features and a five series show on Travel Channel, called ‘NFL Road Tested’. It’s been a very rewarding relationship. Thought I’d let you know, Rick


 After reading this if you are not a Platinum member visit voiceregistry to find out how to expose your

PLATINUM VOICE to industry PRO’s

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