How to Get Jobs in Video Games

October 9, 2013 by: Colleen

How Can I Get an Agent, or Jobs in Video Games?

Here is Some Great Advice from a Great Talent Agent!

DB TalentDebora Duckett

Owner, dB Talent


A question has been posed to me over and over again : How can I get an agent, or jobs in video games?”

Here’s a very short answer :


  • If you can do multiple (10-20 is good) characters back to back without your mother knowing it’s all you, if you understand how to do linear reads (single lines in no particular order), if you understand and can DO combat mode (not screaming but real acting), if you play games and know what happens when a player levels up – what that looks and sounds like – if you have a business plan and a marketing plan that an agent can work in tandem with you on and & follow up on leads , if your website reflects your brand (who you are and what makes you so special) then you’re a great candidate for video game work. Cartoons & Anime are a whole other ball game and there are things that go into that area of expertise as well. Learn the difference in what each area is (anime vs cartoons vs game) and put a killer demo (or demos) together and market to your niche audience. Show them why they need you, how they’ll make money, what you can bring to the table that no one else can. Set a fair rate (learn what union scale minimum is and go from there).

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I really do wish each of you well as you find your way through the maze.It can be an exciting, rewarding industry.



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