How to Get into Voiceover Part 3

May 5, 2013 by: Colleen

Tom Dherre Interview Success with Audiobooks

Part Three



Question – Why did you want to do Audiobooks?

Question – How do you prepare for Audiobook Production?

Question – How do you Prepare to Portray the Character Roles?

Question – Can you share VO techniques for Audiobooks?


5.5.2013 – Today is the last day of camp….. the first Faff Camp is almost complete.

Faff Camp: the Hire Education Conference for Voiceover Professionals Finishes Today. and voiceregistry  are key sponsors of the event and want to share wisdom that faffers from past faffCon events have shared with us.

Our goal is to help everyone in the voice-over community….Newbie to Seasoned Vet; there is always something to learn.

On voiceregistry, we already have the always wise and wonderful Bob Souer sharing his expertise in the Free Resource section. If you are not a member yet, you can sign up for the Silver membership for free to access his awesome podcast.

Plus coming soon we will be adding MORE resources to help MORE Voiceover actors!

Till then we certainly don’t want to hold back.

Part One –  Tom covered everything from what is challenging and rewarding as a VO actor

Part Two – How he got into voice-over, advice on breaking into the voice over industry, and Tom answers the question,” Does it matters where you live to be successful in VO”?


Part Three – Today’s Blog Post  – Tom talks about his experience with Audiobook Success, and voiceover techniques.

ULTIMATELY – Tom shares how to SUCCESSFULLY run your Voiceover career when it comes to Business.

That is Exactly the topic he spoke on at Faff Camp –

“Building an Effective Voiceover Business”

Went to Faff Camp and already miss being there??

Enjoy the interview with Tom (so you can feel like you are back at camp) and start planning now for the next faffCon in TX Oct 4-6!

Didn’t go to Faff Camp?

Enjoy this interview excerpt with Tom Dheere and his wealth of information on voiceover success with audiobooks .

Part 3 – Success with Audiobooks


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