How to do a Voice Over Demo

June 6, 2013 by: Colleen


Put Your Best Voice Forward!

How to Create the Perfect Voiceover Demo Reel


Backstage put out an article recently on creating a perfect voiceover demo.

My 2 cents worth on this subject is there is a LOT more thought you need to put into this venture than how to line up “your stuff”.

Depending on who is reading the information, the advice could be putting the “cart before the horse”

 How to do a Voice Over Demo Right

Most important question to ask yourself – Have you put the training and time into your voiceover career to be ready to do your demo?

Unfortunately there are a lot of people in the industry that can make your demo sound great even if you don’t (yet).

I can’t emphasize enough what a career killer an over produced demo can be for a voice over actor.

Put yourself in the producer’s shoes.

You heard and then presented a demo to your client.

The client then approves booking the talent.

You now have a client with expectations and possibly money invested in studio time etc.

The talent comes in and can not perform even close to how they sound on the demo.

 Not only does the actor lose the gig and the producer will never want them again, but the producer is back to the drawing board with a client that has lost confidence.

This is why I would like to point out 2 things in this blog and touch on other aspects that are vital to a successful demo in the next couple of blog posts with the help of Dan Friedman.

For the 1st point Dan Friedman did a blog awhile ago based on a real life situation he was involved in.

This point  is a breath of fresh air when you are new to voice over and in need of good, honest help.

When an actress just starting in VO asked Dan to do her demo Dan explained,

 “ It would be a “bad idea” to immediately make a demo since she had no experience. To do so would simply set her up for failure. The demo would misrepresent her, making it appear as though she were an accomplished voice talent, and if and when she got a job from this demo she would likely struggle and possibly fail miserably in a real recording session. That situation could end a career before it even got started”. –  READ THE FULL ARTICLE

Now let’s put the producer hat on for a minute

The producer scenario described at the beginning of this post is avoided when a producer creates a voiceover project using their VOICEBANK.NET account.


Here is how having a VOICEBANK.NET account works for VO casting.

 The producer uploads their copy & specs – This takes out the guessing game of listening to a demo and trying to imagine how the voice will sound with their script.

 There is a wonderful list of talent agencies they can select to participate in the project so they have the control of who will be submitting – This takes out the concern that an actor will submit to an audition even though they don’t match the spec requested.

There are other great features to help keep the project organized and be able to share selects with clients etc as well.

 Are you a Producer or Casting Director etc.?

Check out the advantage of having a VOICEBANK.NET account TODAY!


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Stay tuned for more on making a Successful Demo!


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  1. Rickie Jones says:

    I tried to make my own demo, but the quality was terrible. I soundproofed my studio and everything, i think it was my mic. Do you have a recommended microphone to use for recordings?

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