How to Choose a Voiceover Microphone

April 30, 2013 by: Colleen

Choosing a Voice-over Microphone

There are a lot of great and not so great ways to get advice on the equipment you should get and will need to be sure your are putting your best “Vocal Chord” forward.

At this weekend’s Faff Camp event that we are happy to be a Key sponsor of along with other wonderful sponsors who care about helping voice over actors will be one of the Main Stage Leaders – Dan Friedman.

You need your home studio to do what it should do??…Dan is your Man!


Dan’s Faff Camp  topic is –

“Audition Audio: Sound That Books.”

Just seeing that topic title, who wouldn’t want to know more about how Dan could help you?

Awhile back Dan was very gracious to record a tutorial on “Choosing a Voiceover Mic”

With Faff Camp just around the corner what better time to give you a taste of the wealth of wisdom  you all at

Faff Camp are so fortunate to get in front of.

Not going to Faff Camp…fear not!

Dan is also one of’s voiceregistry  Pros you can book a One on One session with.

He can not only help with audio “tweaks” but is also a voice over coach with experience that can help you get to the next level.

And Now for your learning pleasure –

Choosing a VO Mic


Stay Tuned for interview snippets from another Faff Camp Breakout Session leader Tom Dheere


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    Hi, will you be holding any other Faff camp events soon? Thanks, Sam.

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