Home Studios – What The “Masters” Say About It

October 21, 2011 by: Chris M.

Dan Lenard - The Home Studio MasterOne of the most talked about and daunting problems in the voiceover industry is “How to setup a good home studio”. Even here at Voicebank, we often get calls inquiring about how to setup a home studio and what kind of equipment we can recommend. Being that we are not sound engineers, there is very little direction we can give anyone who asks.

At events like Faffcon and other voiceover conferences, some of the fullest breakout classes are the ones that deal with audio hardware and software usage. People are lost when it comes to being their own sound engineers.

Dan Lenard, aka “The Home Studio Master”, has a wonderful article posted on the topic of home studios and offers some great tips within his content. It doesn’t get into the “nitty gritty” technical stuff, but offers a lot of explanation on the not so technical aspects of doing your own home recordings.

Check out what Dan has to say about home studios here!

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