Here’s a Q&A Preview

October 10, 2014 by: Jessica

Q&A Promo 3

Here is a taste of the questions and answers that we will be addressing in the next few weeks. Below is last week’s workout guest listener talent agent Mike O’Dell/BBA Talent providing advice on a couple topics:

Question 1: “Steps to Starting a VO Career” –Get into a comprehensive class. Discover what kind of commitment is involved, what kind of investment would be necessary, and remember that you are starting a career, not a hobby. You will know after about one class whether you are serious or curious.

Question 2:  “Having a Home Recording Studio” – Yes because it will get utilized sooner or later. Once the actor gains experience and instruction in self-direction they will be much more confident recording at home, as well as being able to turn copy over quicker. There is, however, no substitute to having someone directing you in real-time.

We look forward to addressing the questions and topics that you want to know about in voiceover. Use us as a tool to equip you in your career!

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