Fired Up For Faffcon!!

September 20, 2011 by: Chris M.

Colleen - All Ready for Faffcon

There’s a lot more excitement than usual here at the office this week. It’s typically a happy place to come to work during the week anyway, but with 2 of our staff heading out to Faffcon in Pennsylvania this Thursday, there’s definitely extra energy in the office.

Colleen and Courtney are anxiously prepping for their travels to attend this year’s Faffcon event in Hershey Pennsylvania.

I asked Colleen what she’s “most” excited about, and she replied, “I am really excited to see our clients face to face. Also, we had so much fun at the last Faffcon we attended in Atlanta. We got a lot of great information and met some incredibly awesome people!”

I decided to stay out of their way as they finished their traveling preparations and continued to help clients on the phone. There’s a lot for them to do before they fly out on Thursday and I can’t wait to hear what they’ve learned!



2 Responses to “Fired Up For Faffcon!!”
  1. Chuck Davis says:

    Looking forward to meeting you there along with so many of my VO friends that I’ve never met in person.

  2. Amy Snively says:

    It was so awesome seeing Colleen and Courtney at FaffCon 3! I don’t know how they did it, but they were all over the event! Everyone loved that (and them!) Sincxe we’re going to be so close, I hope you can come hang with us next time, Chris :-)

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