Don LaFontaine Voice Over Lab Lecture: Tuesday, September 7th

September 6, 2010 by:

Stewart Wilson-Turner

On Tuesday, September 7th, 7pm PST, I will be giving a lecture for the Don LaFontaine Voice-over Lab titled New Technologies: Pros and Cons in today’s VO Business.  For more information, click here.

For anyone outside of Los Angeles or unable to attend, The SAG Foundation will be streaming the event live.  Click here to access the LiveStream link from the website. You don’t need a login/password to view.

Looking forward to seeing you there, physically as well as virtually.

– Stewart Wilson-Turner,, Inc.


4 Responses to “Don LaFontaine Voice Over Lab Lecture: Tuesday, September 7th”
  1. Kurt Kelly says:


    Looking forward to seeing you and SAG, and hearing your in-sight. I also promote your event on my facebook page[s], so others might also participate.


    Kurt Kelly

  2. Madison Mason says:

    STEWIEEEEEE!!!!!! Your pretty face popped up on my facebook. How are you? I miss you!

  3. Stewart, thanks for sharing so much information about how works and helping VO actors to keep a positive attitude towards maintaining a productive career, by focusing on what we can be doing to keep ourselves creative and evolve with the way the industry is changing.

  4. warren kruger says:

    hey stewart, whats up big guy……was just thinking about thos ostrich days…you know what i mean?

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