Do You Need a “Change of Pace”?

April 20, 2016 by: Jessica

Vo Exercise #1 (1)

As a voice actor you have daily exercises that you do to get better and grow your skill set. It’s apparent that including more of them in your repertoire will do you more good than bad in the long run. The “Change of Pace”, as we like to call it, is a quick but efficient exercise that you could potentially be adding to your regular routine of practice. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Choose an article that is interesting for you to read.
  2. Set a timer for 30 seconds.
  3. Start off reading it in your normal voice/pacing, in that time frame.
  4. Do a word count for that first reading.
  5. Repeat the exercise again, in that same time frame, but speed up to INCREASE your word count.
  6. Check the word count for the second reading.
  7. Repeat the exercise again, in that same time frame, but now try slowing down to DECREASE your word count.
  8. Be sure to also jot down the word count for the third reading.
  9. Now compare all three readings. In addition, you may even find that recording yourself could be helpful as a self-critique.

At this point you’re probably asking, “What’s the purpose of doing something like this?”

This type of exercise is especially helpful for when you’re in the booth, when what you’re saying could be chopped and changed at a moment’s notice. Not only will you know how to easily add and subtract words but you will have a better understanding of your own natural word count.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this quick tip, courtesy of our very own Jeff Hixon. And for additional workout opportunities, check out Voiceregistry. When you sign-up as a platinum member you get the chance to read for a different voice over industry expert EVERY week. More info on how it works can be found here:

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  1. Diane Sandstrom says:

    I am new to this i having reading lots of stuff. Nobody tells how to get started. I have a N.Y.
    accent and I have a great sense of humor. but I again know to get started.,sorry for repeating.

    Please let me know
    Thank you,
    Diane Sandstrom

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