Do you live up to your demo?

November 18, 2011 by: Chris M.

Ever wonder what agents really think when they hear a demo? Want to know what they expect from you after listening to your demo and signing you on as one of their talent?

Kevin Delaney is one of the most helpful Voice Over Pros out there. He’s just posted a clip of a webinar he did last Sunday. The audio clip includes talent agent Ilko Drozdoski, who has also been one of our Weekend Workout guests. The short clip has some of the best “indirect” information on producing your demo, what agents expect of you, how your demo can make you sound “too good” where you set yourself up to fail, and also to know that you are not quite ready to be represented and sent off to a producer.

When you have short 4 minutes to spare, I encourage you to check out his clip here:

I’m betting you’ll agree that its one of the best 4 minute lessons you’ll find anywhere on the internet!



2 Responses to “Do you live up to your demo?”
  1. Thanks for the advice. This is my music, check it out! :)

  2. When you have your professionally made demos you feel strong and secure that you will find the work needed to survive in the business. However, you definitely, without a doubt, have to live up to that demo. You cannot rely on the professionally recorded demo to get you repeat work, that will depend on you and only you to bring the goods to the table and perform as good, if not better than your main demo reel. Voice over work is hard to come by at times, so step up your game and make the game a proper career by delivering time and time again like your voice over demo reel does.

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