Creating Your Own Home Studio

November 10, 2014 by: Jessica

blog 3QUESTION: What are the home studio capability requirements to be competitive?

“When asked if a home studio is needed, my reply is that not an entire room but a good recording environment needs to be created.

This starts with where you are placing yourself in the room. Do you have a walk-in closet you can use?  If not, there are mobile set ups that help with acoustics, room noise, etc. Make sure your computer is not sitting next to where you are recording. Padded moving blankets can even help. Sound reduction devices like the Kaotica Eyeball and many other brands are available. Getting a good USB microphone is essential. Recording software could be as simple and cost effective as Audacity. Audacity is free which is great but there is a learning curve (you can find webinars to help understand how to use the software). Our own CEO recommend going to Guitar Center for advice and equipment. They can show you what is available, explain the comparisons, and help you work within your budget.”

This 3 Part series written by Dan Friedman, an Audio Engineer who is also a VO talent, gives advice and breaks down the levels of what you can do to get started on a budget,  and what to upgrade to as you progress and have the means to invest more. What is great about Dan is that he understands both sides of the studio world. Dan is also available on Voiceregistry through our One on One resources. Dan can personally help you get your home studio set-up dialed in. Need your mixer tweaked just right?

I have seen Dan troubleshoot in no time and you’re ready to roll.

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