Could Your Portable Apple Device Become The Next High Quality Voiceover Recorder?

August 11, 2011 by: Chris M.

Apogee Mic For iPhone and iPad High Quality RecordingsInnovation never ceases…That’s got to be one of the coolest things about technology. It seems that in every industry where millions are to be made (or spent), technology will always make progress. The recording industry is a prime example of how technology constantly changes the way things are done. It constantly finds better ways to improve audio quality, be more portable, cut costs (sometimes), or just make things easier. As the size and cost of computer processing technology continues to decrease by the minute, I was not surprised to see portable apple products (iPad and iPhone) be the next possible high quality recording tool for Voiceover.

If you do a search in the app store today, you’ll get about 150 results to search through. Many of these will allow you to record directly into your apple product with the device’s built-in microphone. This process is decent for personal note taking or dictating, but not necessarily good enough to send in for a high quality voiceover audition.

We’ve blogged in the past what others have used to record in their home studios and while traveling. It may be very soon that decent recording can be done just about anywhere and submitted right away, perhaps even in your car.

A new mic device called the Apogee Mic is soon to hit the market. It is claiming to “capture your best take with incredible quality”.

Apogee has created a few other amazing recording devices that have critics amazed. The “Apogee One” microphone and music interface that plugs into a mac via USB. You can see below how Peter Thorn created a phenomenal music piece with Trisha Lurie’s song “If I Only Knew” here on the embedded YouTube video. Granted, it was put together on a professional level after the original recordings were made (which can help a lot), but the originals recording still needs to be recorded well. If the Apogee Mic performs as well as the Apogee One does, I don’t think it will disappoint anyone.

I can’t wait to see one of these mics for myself when it’s finally released. Apogee has not mentioned a launch date or a price point yet, but bloggers who have written about it speculate it will probably be about $300. That will make it possible for someone to have a complete mobile recording setup for less than $1000 with the purchase of an iPad or iPhone.

Now, all we need is a way to instantly make the world quiet wherever you are ready to record. Anyone up to inventing an inflatable sound proof bubble?


2 Responses to “Could Your Portable Apple Device Become The Next High Quality Voiceover Recorder?”
  1. Jay Preston says:

    And for only $50 you can have a portable sound booth!! I made it and gave all the specs in my blog. check it out! It will fit this little thing perfect.. Now I just need to buy an iPad.. haha

  2. Erik Martin says:

    My wife has been using the Apogee MiC now for her auditions exclusively. It works fantastically! I just finished writing a book giving the play by play on how to get the most out of it, available from my site.

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