Captivate Conference Austin, TX October 6-8

October 1, 2013 by: Colleen

Captivate Will Showcase Emerging Trends, Business Models & New Ideas

If you are in or near the Austin,TX area you don’t want to miss the Captivate Conference!

If you are a part of or have interest in any of these areas you will get a wealth of information to help further your career and knowledge….

Captivate celebrates the convergence of the film, mobile, music and video game industry.

The blurring of creative titles is already happening. People who work in digital entertainment move between film, games, mobile and music throughout their careers. Captivate is bringing together these creative industries to make connections, learn and solidify as a community. Our technology conferences are both cutting edge and rooted in years of creative history. Read More


One of the Captivate Conference Speakers –

Debora Duckett , a wonderful talent agent and friend on  will be leading two sessions at the conference.

Session 1 – Marketing 101 for Artists is on Sunday October 6th at 11:30 am.

Session 2 – Defining/Discussing the Interactive Media Contract (for producers) is on Monday October 7th  at 2:30 p.m.

More about Debora –

Debora Duckett is the owner of dB Talent, a talent agency established in 1979 which specializes in voice over.  Debora started her career as an actress and voice talent.  She met recording engineer and voice talent Joel Block and soon shifted gears from in front of the microphone to behind the scenes as business manager and audio engineer for Production Block Studios.  She quickly found herself putting her actor and producer friends together which resulted in dB Talent.  Debora is always looking for new areas in which talent can work and since most actors love creating characters, VO for games is a great fit.   dB Talent has been lucky to be involved with the game industry since the early 80’s.  Debora’s love of producing also keeps her working as a freelance audio producer for broadcast, web, industrial and book projects.

**Those of you who enjoy the voiceregistry Workout can look forward to Debora as a guest listener in November. 

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