Can Female Voiceover Break the Movie Trailer “Glass Ceiling”?

June 13, 2013 by: Colleen

Can the Movie “In a World…” Be a Tipping Point

for Female Voice over in Movie Trailers?

March of last year we did a blog post posing the question –

 Men rule movie trailers BUT can this trend change?

Now with the Movie “In a World…” Media Blitz the question comes to light again –

Can women break through the movie trailer “glass ceiling”?

According to the buzz swirling around the movie, Lake Bell Busts the Voice over  Glass Ceiling.

Bell stars in “In a World…”, playing a struggling voice actor trying to compete in the male-dominated world of trailer narration.

Do you think a movie with this subject matter is enough to turn the trend?

Would you like to see or I guess I should say hear more female actresses in movie trailers?

We would love to know what you think…

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