Voice Registry Podcast-Tracy Pattin Talks To Improv Voice Acting Expert Bill Applebaum: Part 1

June 17, 2008 by: Tracy Pattin

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Bill Applebaum worked and studied Improvisation in Chicago with Del Close and Paul Sills. He worked onstage as a writer/performer at The Second City Theater in Chicago. Bill founded the Actors Improv Studio in Los Angeles and has been teaching Improv for the last 15 years. The Actors Improv Studio has a unique approach to improv these days that focuses on how improv helps people become better actors (and voice actors) by tapping into their creativity and not by being clever. It comes directly from those he studied with. Improv classes at Compost Productions start July 7th.

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5 Responses to “Voice Registry Podcast-Tracy Pattin Talks To Improv Voice Acting Expert Bill Applebaum: Part 1”
  1. PaMela says:

    Very nice interview and full of vital information for anyone seeking to excel in the acting industry.

    Bill Applebaum has the gift be able to bring out the best of truth in an actor.

  2. deb keller says:

    Very Nice,You spoke your truth and it came accross perfectly.I haved gained invaluable knowledge and with that comes confidence. So I want to say,Thanks Bill for also realizing how fragile we all are….You are a true grounding force….And an excellent teacher.

  3. rhondavision says:

    Bill that was so informative
    I really enjoyed it.

  4. andrew says:

    It’s great to hear your synthesis of ‘improv’ and its value to the actor, whichever type of actor you may be, voice, stage, screen.
    Having studied with you, I can definitely vouch for the validity of your teaching and your knowledge.
    Can’t wait to hear more in Part 2
    Thanks Bill

  5. Tracy Ashton says:

    As always, you are clear, precise and engaging. Your classes have been so invaluable to me & I’m so proud to be one of your students. Keep up the good work!
    Much love,
    Tracy Ashton

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