BBC Producer, Director Kate McAll Talks About Hiring American Voice Talent

May 26, 2008 by: Tracy Pattin

Just over a month ago, I was project coordinator for the BBC radio play, The Highest Tide (written by Jim Lynch) airing this June 4th on BBC Radio. It gave me a first hand experience of the radio play process. The BBC’s Senior Producer Kate McAll came all the way from Wales to produce and direct the project. It’s a play about a boy’s awe with the sea and how it changed his life. Since this was an American novel, The BBC hired American voice talent (Katherine Helmond, Forrest Landis, David Selby, Kirsten Potter, Missy Yager).

Check out my podcast interview with Kate McAll (Tuesday May 27th). She talks about the process of directing, how she found her American talent and what she looks for when casting voice actors.

By the way, you can listen to the radio play live (go to the BBC radio website) on June 4th. It will be on the BBC radio site for one week after to listen at your leisure.

-Tracy Pattin


3 Responses to “BBC Producer, Director Kate McAll Talks About Hiring American Voice Talent”
  1. Thomas Rohe says:

    Very interesting. Thanks!

  2. Tracy Pattin says:

    Thanks Tom for your comments. Kate McCall is a very good director and is fascinating to watch.

  3. Jennifer Abbott says:

    More like a question, not a comment. I’m a producer/director and an author of various novels. Moved to England. Won 6 awards for my latest movie, “War of the Gods”. Movie business is my life and a god given talent. Love to do it full time and instead of working for myself, I won’t mind sharing this precious gift with a sutdio. Tell me how and who to contact. I would be grateful
    Thank you in advance

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