“Star Power” Secrets to Success! Voicebank Red Star Service

November 12, 2010 by: Chris M.

voicenet blog1.            Get noticed first! In the fast-paced producer world, finding the “perfect” voice for a project can be time-consuming. Producers often scan through the voice over demos section on Voicebank.net looking for talent. The Premium Link “Red Star” is an immediate eye catcher and helps to make your name stand out above the rest.

2.            “Curiosity Play” Most visitors to our site have no idea why some people have red stars on Voicebank.net and why others do not. Simple human curiosity is an awesome tool to manipulate. Marketers use this tactic all the time by making something look a little different than the rest to pique interest, or more so pique the visitor’s curiosity to make them take action. Whether or not it’s curiosity or simply visitors thinking you must be important because of the red star, the goal of getting more attention is accomplished.

3.            Eliminate the competition! If a producer clicks on your link and gets taken off the Voicebank.net website to your private site, it’s very likely you’ve captured them for those key minutes where you’ll have the advantage over everyone else left behind. This is where it is EXTREMELY important to have your audio files on the landing page that the link is taking them to. Producers are busy – having a “flashy” landing page that is hard to navigate and wastes their time will not benefit you any.

4.            Improve your Search Engine Ranking with the power of Voicebank.net’s credibility. Voicebank.net has established itself as a “credible” website with all the major search engines. This credibility passes on to your personal site when we link your site to us and helps to boost your site’s credibility as well. This, in turn, helps to get your site moved up in the search engines. Backlinks are one of the 3 most important items to work on to get your site noticed higher in the search ranks. The other 2 important things to work on for page rank include keyword term placement and good content.

5.      Finally, the best reason to try the red star is that the cost of this added benefit is so minimal, it’s almost like cheating! For approximately 67 cents a day ($20 per month), it’s definitely one of the least expensive ways to promote yourself and your website.

There aren’t very many places on the internet where you can get so much perfectly targeted “hot lead” traffic visitors to a voice over site. Call us now to sign-up for your Premium Link star!  877-294-9910 or info@voicebank.net

– Chris Miyamoto
Voicebank.net, Inc.

To see what a Premium Red Star listing looks like on Voicebank.net CLICK HERE.

*The Premium Red Star Service is available to voice over actors who are listed on Voicebank.net by their agent(s)/manager.


4 Responses to ““Star Power” Secrets to Success! Voicebank Red Star Service”
  1. Susan Bernard says:

    What if someone is not represented by an agency or manager? Does that mean the ‘red star’ is unavailable? Also, what happens when there are more ‘red stars’ on the site than less? Logically, those which appear different (the non-starred) would become more noticeable or prominent.

  2. cmiyamoto says:

    Great Question Susan!
    All demos on the Voicebank.net website are maintained by the talent agencies or talent management companies who are subscribing to our services. If a voice actor is currently unrepresented, or with an agency that is not on the Voicebank.net system, a listing as an actor on our site is not possible.
    With regards to your other question as to whether more “red stars” would saturate the page making them less effective, I personally feel it’s an unlikely possibility that enough subscribers would ever do it to have that happen. Here’s 2 big reasons why:
    1. The Premium Link service is a paid service. I have personally found a vast majority of voice actors “feel” they do not need to boost their acting careers to promote themselves. Unfortunately, this is simply due to a lack of understanding/education on the power of self promotion on the internet.
    2. Many actors treat their voice over careers more like a hobby, rather than understanding it needs to be treated like a serious business. Many do not put enough time, money, and effort into their trade to make it work for them. Almost every Voice Over book I’ve read mentions this lack of commitment to the trade.
    There are very few exceptions where a voice-actor has been “magically” discovered and became rich and famous overnight. MOST of the best, well-known voice-over artists sacrificed a lot, worked hard, and invested a lot of their personal resources to get ahead. They did what it takes so when opportunities came, they were ready.
    Look for my next post in the coming weeks. It will be called “Voice Over Success Secrets – What A Spider Can Teach Us All”. The post will focus on one of my favorite quotes, “Success happens when preparation and opportunity meet”.

  3. Nicole B says:


    I realize this post is dated, but I am considering upgrading my membership and am wondering if the Red Star is still part of the package.


  4. Nicole B says:

    OK! I just answered my own question.
    I see that, yes, indeed, it is part of the upgrade.

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